Limitations of Content-based Image Retrieval — ICPR08 Presentation

© Copyright 2008 by T. Pavlidis

This page contains material from the a presentation based on the paper "Limitations of CBIR" given at the 2008 International Conference on Pattern Recognition, December 8-11 in Tampa, Florida.

1. Visual Material

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2. New Tests Cited in the Presentation

3. Acknowledgements

I am grateful to the following people for providing me either helpful comments on drafts of the talk and/or providing me with material that I included in the talk: Dr. Jianying Hu (IBM Research), Dr. Qasim Iqbal (Univ. of Texas), Prof. Anil Jain and Ms. Jung-Eun Lee (Michigan State University), Prof. Thomas Deserno (Aachen University, Germany), Prof. Thomas Papathomas (Rutgers University), Prof. John Tsotsos (York University, Canada). Finally, I have to thank Dr. Steven Horowitz (Yahoo Research) who brought to my attention several of the commercial CBIR sites. Of course, I take full responsibility for the opinions expressed.

4. Additional Sources Cited in the Presentation

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Updated December 14, 2008.

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