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2012 Why Machine Vision Is So Hard: Slides from a seminar given in the Fall of 2012.
2008 Limitation of CBIR - ICPR08 plenary talk: Given on Dec. 9, 2008 at the 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Tampa, Florida.
2008 Why Artificial Intelligence is very Hard: Slides from a seminar given at Bilkent University, Ankara on Sept. 22, 2008.
2004 The Rise and Fall of Unix: Based on a guest lecture in a SBU course on the History of Computing (CSE301). (Given twice, in October 2004 and in March 2005).
2002 Computers versus Humans: A paper comparing Artificial and Human Intelligence  addressed to the educated layperson. It is based on a lecture given at the Stony Brook Emeriti Faculty meeting of November 1, 2002.
2000 K.S. Fu prize lecture: My personal history in the field of Pattern Recognition. Lecture given at ICPR’2000 in Barcelona, Spain.


2014 T. Pavlidis "The Challenge of General Machine Vision" Journal of Signal, Image and Video Processing, Jan. 2014 (in press). Invited paper. Current Version Link to publisher's website

T. Pavlidis "The Number of All Possible Meaningful or Discernible Pictures" Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 30, pp. 1413-1415. Available on line at publisher's site since July 12, 2009.
     On Line Draft - (May 7, 2009)   Software and Sample Images ( May 7, 2009, Aug.11, 2009)
     Link to Pattern Recognition Letters (Elsevier) Site


T. Pavlidis "Why Meaningful Automatic Tagging of Images is Very Hard" Proceedings ICME2009, pp. 1432-1435. Link to Slides

2008 Content-based Image Retrieval Collection Several Files (June 2007 to July 2009)
2007 A Solution to a Practical Machine Vision Problem and its Broader Implications (Version of September 2007)
2003 pack4png: A Preprocessor for PNG or GIF Compression A method for transforming images before applying PNG or GIF compression, implementing in effect lossy PNG (or GIF) compression (July 2003). See also the software section.
1990 Integrating Region Growing and Edge Detection: Link to scanned copy (PDF, 2.3MB) of a paper by T. Pavlidis and Y-T. Liow published in the IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, PAMI-12 (1990), pp. 225-233.



My Life and Research Philosophy as part of the series "Getting to Know ... IAPR fellows." Feature article in the January 2012 IAPR Newsletter. The newsletter can be found at: [HTML] or at


Why Machine Intelligence is so Hard Mostly links to lectures although I hope one day to convert the material into a true essay.

2006 Problems with XML / XSL A rather trivial case study (February 2006)
2005 A bug(?) in Norton Internet Security: A critical discussion of the Norton advertisement filter that classifies images as advertisements simply on the basis of their dimensions. (Posted Octover 2005.)
2005 The story of Symbol Technologies: How a great company fell on hard times by ignoring technology issues. (First posted August 2005.)

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