A Balm for Aching Bones

How Sweet The Peace

by Lily Klima (lilyklima AT hotmail DOT com)

Listen up. Each of you needs to cut me some slack. We have obstacles to overcome so we must mobilize and work together. Let's call it a cease fire. Your arsenal is doing damage. Draw an armistice. Suspend hostilities. Please pass along the peace-pipe; go on take it.

Knees. Right knee. Seven years ago you begged for a replacement. I gave it to you. You were thankful and so was I. So what's the problem? Why are you bothering me again? You have support; work with it. Left knee. I know you are out of joint but be patient. Your replacement is coming soon. In the mean time, stop throwing daggers!

Molars. Did you both have to crack up at the same time? I arranged for you to be repaired and instead of enjoying the reconstruction you had the gumption to court bacteria and surprise attack with an abscess. You leave me no recourse but to "pour salt on the wound." Enough with the pain already.

Concentration. What's with you? Where is your loyalty? Why do you desert me? Your being AWOL makes my mind migratory and like a gypsy I drift from room to room. You are needed. Together we can focus and get things done. That would be productive.

Decision. How come you are dancing with Self-doubt? Your dizzying two-step intensifies my insecurities that leave me vulnerable and unguarded. You really don't want this, right? Let's make a deal. Drop Self-doubt and dance with me. Clearly, we can collaborate. There is power in tidy resolutions. It's calming and winsome.

Will-Power. You have cruelly abandoned your post and left me to do war with Temptation; her seductive nature ensnares me and sabotages my course of action. If we are to win the battle, your assistance is essential. I trust you will reconsider and return.

Grief. Good grief ... I have little energy left to fight you. I have other conflicts but I accept your periodic ambushes. I do not deny your existence. I permit you to walk besides me or behind me but not in front or over me. I have no more time for you. "Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Remember everyone, although I lost a little foothold I enlisted Positive Thinking and am back on steady ground.

Concentration, Decision, Will-Power and Positive Thinking will do duty with me in the combat zone. Together, we will keep our body healthy, our emotions stable and our mind keen.

How sweet the peace.

February, 2012

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