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Lawsuit by Z. Konstantopoulou for manslaughter with possible deception

The filing of a lawsuit for manslaughterbin combination with possible deception was announced on Wednesday by the head of the organization Flight of Freedom, Zoe Konstantopoulou. Information on the filing of the complaint will be announced in the coming days.

The full text of the announcement-posting of Zoe Konstantopoulou follows:

"It's not time for responsibility, it's time for mourning

And when is it the time of responsibility?

When does the mourning end to take responsibility?

When has the responsibility been taken after a disaster in our country?

Will we let these souls be forgotten as they did with the dead of Mandra a few months ago?

The storms cannot be baptized as "extreme weather phenomena" to justify extreme transgressions and extreme indifference to all Greeks, to all of us. Costing our lives.

The fires in the region around Athens killed 79 people and dozens are missing. Among them our relatives and friends.

Who has the responsibility?

There are seriuos accusations..

Who has the responsibility at this critical time?

And what is the time of responsibility?

We feel unanimity with all the Greeks. But not with those who murder our country and ourhi story and now are killing us.

We demand that the government takes responsibility.

We demand the resignation of anyone who has any responsibility for the unpredented national tragedy.

We call for the resignation of the Attica Regional Commissioner and all officials responsible for the death of more than 100 people and the severe injury of hundreds.

Among them young children and infants.

We file a lawsuit for homicide in combination with potential deception and exposure to risk of life and we call on all citizens to testify.

This is our responsibility towards our fellow human beings.

Against Dangerous Governing Officials"