Undercurrents of History - Fall 2014

Topics for the Term

Unless otherwise indicated "repeat" refers to Spring of 2013

History as Sciene (partial repeat of Spring 2014)

Monotheism in brief

Islam History of its origins, overview of the religion, and its early tolerent views (new).

Comparative Religion a simple treatise in tabular form.

Divisions within Islam (new)

The Arab Golden Age The civilization that flourished the first few centuries of Islam (new).

Menoccal's view on the birth of the Renaissance (new)

Renaissance and Exploration (repeat plus some new material).

Protestantism as a result of the Renaissance and as a cause for further development (new).

Foundations of Modern Science (new)

The world around 1550-1650

A look at China (repeat plus new material).

Overview of the work of Ian Morris (repeat).

Industrial Revolution (repeat plus new material).

Enlightenment (expanded version of coverage in Fall of 2013).

(Latest update 11/19/2014)