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Asia Minor Page - Links to several items related to the Greeks that used to live there until 1922-24.

Middle East History Page - A concise history in 21 chapters plus supplementary material for an OLLI workshop.

Undercurrents of History - A collection of essays used in an OLLI workshop of the same title.

Book Reviews and Lists
  Page with Links to Reviews
  A List of Books (no reviews)

Greek Page - mainly links

Jewish Culture and History - mainly links

My Life - A Memoir

Memorabilia - Old Photographs and Memoirs

Memories of our dog Tiffany

  Free Will and Chaos
  History is repeated in the Middle East
  Impressions from a trip to Turkey
  On Success - attr. to R. W. Emerson
  Articles by Dr. M. Matsas

Medical Stories
   Medical Adventures
   Patient's Look at Medicine
   Lack of Science behind the BMI

Computer Science/Technology

  Biographical Information
  List of Publications

  Tutorial Index Page
  Computers vs Humans - 2002 Posting
  Computers versus Humans - 2010 Collection of Articles
  Content-based Image Retrieval Page
  K.S. Fu Prize Lecture
  Integrating Region Growing and Edge Detection (PDF)
  A Practical Machine Vision Problem
  The Rise and Fall of Unix
  A Bug (?) in the Norton Ad Blocker
  The Symbol Story

  Pathological Science by Langmuir

  Albimagic for photo album management
  Genealogy Software
  Genealogy Software - Demo
  pack4png: Lossy Compression for PNG
  PED: a Drawing Program
  Reusing Calendars

Case Studies
  Problems with XML / XSL

Programming Computer Games
  (under construction)
  The Glass Bead Game
  Video Game Tutorial
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