Programming Computer Games
A Tutorial

Theo Pavlidis

Copyright © 2006, 2007 Theo Pavlidis


Why One More Tutorial on Computer Games?

There are numerous books and articles on game programming, but anything I have looked at seems to be stronbly platform/language dependent. So I decided to write something that captures the essence of game programming without being tied to a particular platform or language. I have used in the past game programming as means to teach computer graphics and the current effort is an outgrowth of that earlier work (see personal history). The tutorial is addressed to people who have already learned an object programming language, such as C++ or Java but have not written any game programs. I assume that the reader knows about pointers, structures, and object oriented programming (that some books on games introduce) and I try to stay away as much as possible from platform specific features. While the examples in the current version are in Windows with MFC I plan to rectify that in the future.

This is work in progress and should keep that in mind while perusing the Tutorial Draft

Last May I had posted a tutorial for a sea game emphasizing multithreading. (While the sea game started with reverse engineering, I added, I think, enough features to move quite far from the original prototype.) I found several deficiencies with it, so the current effort aims to produce something a bit broader.

There is also a posting of a glass bead game that is simpler than the sea game and more concise than the full tutorial.

Two zipped executable are available: SubChase (based on the sea game) and glassgame (based on the glass bead game). There is also online documentation. Site Map